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Graduate School

This section offers information on the graduate school.

Graduate School Organization

At our graduate schools, students hone their skills at setting goals for their own research, identifying research topics and finding solutions utilizing the basic knowledge they acquired in their undergraduate studies. We also provide them with training to equip them with the skills to communicate and give presentations on their research projects.


Our graduate school consists of two institutes (the Institute of Agriculture and the Institute of Engineering), three graduate schools (the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Agriculture and the Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering), and postgraduate courses offered at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science. 
The institutes are research organizations to which teaching staff belong, while the graduate schools are educational organizations to which students belong. This structure was established when the University was reorganized in April 2004 with a primary emphasis on the graduate schools. Those who graduate from the TUAT Department of Veterinary Medicine have the option of advancing to the United Graduate School of Veterinary Science at Gifu University. In April 2010, the research organization was restructured into two institutes to accelerate the quick and flexible implementation of cutting-edge research in the fields of agriculture and engineering, advance new field formation and knowledge and develop studies in quick response to changes in the needs of society and industry. At the same time, the goal was to achieve an organic link between research and education in which the research organization provides guidance to the educational organization in aims of establishing an education system capable of flexibly incorporating cutting-edge research results and societal needs. We also developed a new “partnership ring,” which serves as a forum of intellectual stimulation where teaching staff can freely discuss matters beyond the bounds of the two institutes and divisions. Under this system, research units and divisions have been set up to implement integrated research projects, and a steering committee for the partnership ring has been established consisting of representatives from both institutes. We are engaged in various undertakings designed to promote integrated research activities between the two institutes.

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